Crossroad to a new future

If you and your partner divorce, there are many things to organize.  You need expert advice, and you need to find it quickly.  But, finding the right help can be time-consuming and exhausting.  At Dutch Divorce we have all of the expertise that you need in order to finalise your divorce and move on with your new life.

Dutch Divorce is a partnership between a lawyer, a tax specialist, and a housing expert.  Together, we handle all aspects of your divorce, working efficiently and harmoniously to set you on a path to a new future.  We will guide you through the complex financial and legal implications of your divorce, we will put together a comprehensive divorce settlement and we will coordinate all aspects of the sale or rent of your old residence and the purchase or rent of new homes. We can also take care of the move to your new home.


At Dutch Divorce you can save time and money by combining three divorce specialists under one roof.  By having only one point of contact, there is less risk of miscommunication.  On the other hand, each of the three associates can draw on an extensive network of external specialists to ensure you always receive the best possible advice.

At Dutch Divorce we value openness and honesty and we strive to bring a personal touch to all of our client relationships.  We work on your behalf, to ensure your peace of mind, so that you have time to focus on the important things in your life – your children, your work, yourself.

A welcome relief in a difficult period  of your life.

We willingly take care of everything.